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A wonderful piece on Felix Picherna.


The music man of Villa Urquiza
By Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart
Copyright (c) 1997, Planet Tango. All Rights Reserved

Visitors coming to Buenos Aires to experience the Argentine tango first hand quickly notice the codes and rituals of the milongas. One of the most impressive sights that captures the imagination of foreigners tangueros is the crowd that converges on the dance floor as soon as the music starts. What seems like an invisible spell that draws dancers to the floor is actually the work of the music man of BuenosAires. On April 24, 1997 we interviewed Felix Picherna at the Club Sunderland’s dining room.

Couples, mostly in their senior citizen years move with an attitude of having been there before. They take a place on the dance floor, they proceed to embrace, and they begin to move through paths that seem very familiar to them. Younger dancers, out of…

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Is tango sophisticated?

Another great post by Janis.

Tango Chamuyo

I read recently on a dance forum what has to be one of the most outrageous comments about tango. 

BTW I couldn’t care less about how they dance in BsAs. If they do nothing more than follow then they’re obviously not as sophisticated as the followers in Europe. 

You might think that this comment came from someone who has never visited Buenos Aires or danced in the milongas.  That is not the case.  Tango may be intellectually appealing to many well-educated people who are trying to learn it and analyzing it to death in the process.  I know that isn’t the reason that Argentine women my age go to dance in the milongas.  They feel tango in their souls, they love the music, and they want to surrender to the embrace of a man. 

Last night at Lo de Celia Tango Club was magical.  I haven’t felt that level of energy in months.  Dany programmed one great tanda after…

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